Online payment Gateway: How to choose the best one for your business?

The evolution of the digital revolution has magnificently transformed the lives of the 21st century – It has created a potential to connect individuals globally and there have been various key players that have led to this digital revolution! However; the digital revolution is not always about the latest technology, it’s also about people implementing these technologies in their daily lives. One such technological revolution is the online payment gateway that has enabled people to go cashless!! 

Today, the online payment gateway in India has come a very long way and choosing one for your business is a very important decision – It depends upon various factors but the key question remains, how do you as a merchant choose an online payment processing solution that is the best for your business? The next few stances illustrate the same: 

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How should you choose the best online payment gateway for your business? 

1. Security is the most important ‘key factor’:

Several payment gateways will provide you with innovative solutions and reduced prices but if their system is not equipped to be robustly secure, then it’s not safe to integrate it with your business. They must be enabled to tackle fraud at every level of both, pre and post-financial transactions! 


  • The payment gateway that you choose to partner with should be PCI DSS certified.
  • It should have a multi-factorial authentication system and impenetrable firewalls. 
  • It should also maintain extensive tracking at various levels. 

These factors enable a payment gateway to be secure enough to tackle all types of fraudulent attempts and detect even the slightest of the nuances in the financial transactions.

2. Choose a payment gateway that is a comprehensive solution to build your business. 

Security is the most important key factor in choosing a payment gateway for your business and after that has been ensured, it’s time to pay attention to the next key factor which asks the following question: Will it provide you with comprehensive solutions to build your business?

This means that the online payment gateway that you choose to partner with must be more than a payment processing solution – It should provide your business with various types of solutions such as responsive checkouts, customization of web and shopping stores, social network-enabled payments, etc. 

In a nutshell, your payment processing partner must be enabled with features to offer you end to end digital solutions so that your online business can take off! 

3. Choose an online payment gateway that gives you the ability to analyze your statistical data!

One of the comprehensive solutions that your payment processing partner should provide you with is an analytics tool to process and analyze your business data.

The digital age that we live in today affects various of the modern-day lives but what it dawns upon us is accessibility in terms of both, data and connectivity. The data that we receive today, can be analyzed to develop further strategies which is why it is one of the most powerful tools towards providing tailored solutions. 

Statistical analyses can provide you with an overview and a cross-sectional view of your demographics and the user behavior which is why you must choose an online payment gateway that gives you the ability to analyze your statistical data so that you can generate data for business development and customized solutions for your customers!

4. The payment gateway you partner with should have high success rates when it comes to conducting transactions. 

Various reasons that can lead to payment failures – They may range from your customers entering incorrect card information to network issues and limited connectivity with the bank servers. These types of payment failures can lead to abandoned transactions which can lead to significant business losses. 

The payment gateway you plan to partner with should have retry options through which your customer is redirected to an intermediary page which enlists failure reasons. It should also be capable of switching banks in case there is a downtime experienced by the servers so that the transaction success rates are high!

What India Online Pay has to offer?

  1. Fast activation and easy integration gateway with quick documentation.
  2. Zero maintenance fee and a Zero set-up fee.
  3. Regular pay-outs as promised! 
  4. All payments are processed in a PCI-DSS compliant environment.

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