Payment Gateway solution: How to choose the best one for your business?

It’s no secret that online payment gateway in India has come a long way and that payment solution industry today, is at its turning point!

There have been various key players that have led to this digital revolution but the key question remains, how do you as a merchant choose an online payment processing solution that is best for your business? Today, we illustrate the same through this article!

Key pointers to choosing the best payment gateway for your business!

1. Security is Key:

Today, there are various payment service providers that will provide you novice and innovative solutions but if the system is not secure to use, then it’s not safe to integrate it with your business. It is essential that any gateway that you choose takes data confidentiality very seriously which is why they must be enabled to tackle fraud at every transaction level!

India Online Pay takes data confidentiality very seriously – We are a PCI DSS certified payment gateway with 2 factor authentication system that enables us to detect even the slightest of the nuances.

2. Choose a comprehensive solution:

The next factor that you must emphasize on while choosing an online payment gateway solution for your business is ensuring that it provides you with more than payment processing solutions. The portal that you choose to partner with must provide your business with an end to end solution such as responsive checkouts, customization of web stores etc.

To sum things up, it must be enabled with features to offer your online retailers business with a comprehensive solution!

3. Ability to Analyse:

One of the most powerful tools in today’s digital age is the ability to analyse statistical data which is why, you must consider a payment gateway that provides you with digital tools to process and analyse the data .

India Online Pay is developed to include an in-depth analytics tool which enables our merchants to view and analyse statistical data so that you can modify your business strategies for further business development!

4. Responsive Checkout:

Online payment gateway in India provides you with various options but one of the most important key factor that you should focus on is whether your gateway provider is offering you with the option of responsive checkout pages!  

It is extremely essential that your customers experience an optimal shopping experience which is why checkout pages need to be optimized for all screens, whether they are tablets, mobiles, desktops or laptops.

5. Transaction Success Rates:

Last but not the least, it should be capable of performing financial transactions with high transaction success rates.

If it fails to perform a financial transaction through one bank, it should be capable of switching between banks through an intelligent routing system so that the transaction success rates are high!

We hope this article helped you gauge the key pointers in choosing a payment gateway solution for your business!

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